EOS Nairobi

EOS Nairobi is a Block Producer on the EOS Main net serving the community from Africa. EOS Nairobi aims to grow the potential and capabilities of Africa and share these with the world. We believe that the EOS Blockchain is the best tool for this work. We purpose to transform this innovative potential and hardworking spirit of Africa and its people into real value for each member of the society.


Telosafrique is a Block Producer on the Telos network run by the EOS Nairobi team. Telosafrique believes in empowering Dapp developers especially from Africa to build solutions that solve real world problems in their setting. Telos' unique and easy-to-use technology enables Dapp Developers to easily be on-boarded onto the EOS Dapp Ecosystem. Telos also has robust governance and compliance enabling fairness and equal opportunity for all Dapp developers.

The Worbli Network

Through the World Blockchain Initiative, we plan to support community financial services built on EOSIO on a mission to develop the world’s most cost- effective and developer-friendly Consumer and Enterprise Blockchain Platform. WORBLI’s network governance has been designed to meet the regulatory needs of global financial services. EOS Nairobi is a reserve block producer that looks to enable business in the financial sector to build financially compliant decentralized applications.

African Digital Assets Framework

ADAF is a project to create open, accessible and people-driven technological and legal standards to support digital trade especially between the African continent and its diaspora. The platform will create an open repository for standards to encourage self-regulation and promote digital asset ownership and value exchange between the continent and the diaspora. EOS Nairobi is one of the founding members of ADAF.